Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Johannsen was my chiropractor for several years. He got to know me and my lifestyle. He knew how my job affected my body. He knew about my dental work and would always check my jaw. At the end of every session, he would always ask if I had anything else I needed checked. During allergy season, he would work my sinuses to break up the congestion. That meant less medication. I have a physical job, and he helped keep me working!  And he's always good for a grilling tip."

- Sue W.

"Dr. Brad Johannsen has provided our chiropractic care for the past two years.  In that time, he has not only provided the physical care needed but has been very helpful in answering our questions and in offering encouragement in dealing with the issues at hand.  He is always encouraging and pleasant and has become a friend as well as a care provider, taking an interest in not only our physical well-being, but an interest in whatever else is going on in our lives.  As he begins his new adventure we wish him well and we will miss him."

- Deb and Bill A.

"Doctor Johannsen is a talented doctor, he is passionate about his work and he is kind to his patients. He has great bedside manner and pays close attention to detail. Doctor J is a good listener and likes to laugh a lot and help the patients feel at ease. He will be miss by staff and patients he cared for at ChiroHealth. I have faith doctor J will be successful in opening his own practice and with the new connection he will be establishing. Blessings on your new journey with your family, you have many people supporting you in your new endeavors."

- Zunilda F.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Johannsen as his chiropractic assistant, and as a patient. In both capacities I’ve had the ability to compare him with other doctors, and he is amazing! You can feel confident placing yourself, or a loved one, in his care. Dr. Johannsen is an intelligent, caring and dedicated chiropractor, who makes it his top priority to care for his patients’ total health and wellness. I have experienced Dr. Johannsen’s brilliant techniques and recall, and see other doctors seek his advice. Whether a patient is suffering from chronic pain, young, old, pregnant or healing from an accident or injury, Dr. Johannsen will have a very positive impact on that patient’s health, healing and continued maintenance. He is worthy of your trust."

- Tricia K.

"Dr. Johannsen was my Chiropractor for 3 years before he moved home to Iowa from Rockford, Michigan. In those three years he helped me with my health journey, finding I have a condition with my spine. He took a friendly approach with me and my 3 children in which they trusted Dr. Johannson and felt at ease getting adjusted by him. We as a family highly recommend Dr. Johannsen for his affective, gentle, yet funny approach to a healthy life!"

- Crystal B.

"Dr. Johannsen is an excellent Chiropractor. My daughter and I have been under his care for several years. He is the perfect blend of being proactive and yet he does this in a calm and almost laid back way. He has a delightful personality. He is always upbeat and carries such a positive energy.  Dr. Johannesen cares about your well being and has ideas for you to bring to other doctors when he deems it necessary.  I appreciate all his insight and help over the years."

- Lynda K.

"Dr. Johannsen is a great person, and genuinely cares about his patients. We feel like we are treated like family and we would recommend him to anyone that is in need of chiropractic care."

- Dean and Melissa K.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Johannsen’s for two years now. He is very knowledgeable and has always been thorough with my care. Dr. Johannsen is incredibly friendly and I enjoy my appointments with him as he always showed interest in my life.  I was so thrilled with Dr. Johannsen’s care that I took my children to see him.  My boys always felt comfortable and would look forward to their appointments.

My back and hips are pain free, thanks to Dr. Johannsen’s companionate Care!"

- Amy W.

"After having hip and back pain from 2 pregnancies, and going through physical therapy that did not help, I hobbled over to Dr. Johannsen's office and entered into the world of chiropractic care. Dr. Johannsen not only took care of my body pains but he also took care of me as a person. He listened to me, cared for me and always asked how my family and the boys were doing. He truly cares for not only helping a person feel better but for helping to heal the body inside and out. Now after some time my hip and back pains are almost completely gone and I am able to enjoy time with my boys because my body feels better and continues to get stronger. Thank you Dr. Johannsen for caring for both me and my family!"

- Rachel N.

"I started seeing Dr. Johannsen halfway through my pregnancy after struggling with lots of hip pain. My husband had already been a patient of his and made the recommendation. It was one of the best decisions of my pregnancy! Dr. J’s adjustments pretty much eliminated my hip pain and I can honestly say I was moving better at 40 weeks pregnant than I was at 25 weeks when I started to see him. The adjustments alone would have been enough to keep me coming back, but on top of that Dr. J always made my weekly appointments enjoyable. He is incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to. I remember being shocked at the 2nd appointment when he remembered a story that I had told him at the last appointment, and then he continued to do so from appointment to appointment. It just shows that he really builds relationships with his patients - you aren’t just another number. I have seen a few different chiropractors over the years and he is hands down the best!"

- Rachel C.

"Dr. Johannsen has been a wonderful chiropractor. My teenage sons love going to Dr. Johannsen for relief from the wear and tear from their active life and sports. They ask for appointments with him. He is super friendly and the we feel entirely comfortable sharing stories and smiles. Dr. Johannsen cares about our family and provides explanation and support for varying physical issues as well as encourages my sons to follow through on taking care of not just their bodies, but their futures too. I completely trust Dr. Johannsen for the chiropractic / holistic care of myself and my family!"

- Holly A.

"Our family highly recommends Dr. J as your Chiropractor; his knowledge and skills with the activator method of spinal alignment is very proficient. From severe siatica issues, neck/headache pain and everything in-between; he'll listen, evaluate and get you back to feeling amazing in no time. His sense of humor makes you feel at ease in the office and his expertise with athletes, truly understanding the necessity of healthy spinal alignment for good body function is top notch."

- Amy R.

"First and foremost Brad Johannsen is an amazing chiropractor. This is not the main reason I chose to have him as my doctor. Brad gets to know you on a personal level that carries over flawlessly from visit to visit. He is not someone who is just there to do his job, but is someone who gets to know you and your interest, so you look forward to not only getting the needed back relief you need, but the ongoing personnel conversations. Knowing your clients at this level makes it easy to communicate your needs and ensures each visit you are getting the help you need. Brad is one of the best in the business and he will be missed, but I am sure wherever he ends up he will be helping others as much as he has helped me."

- Tim O.


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